The Finest ingredients

Belgium Chocolate, real custards, fresh fruit

Our mission is to create elegant and complex pastries and flavours while still making them approachable. Joseph Bozzo executive pastry chef believes that his customers should never look at a pastry and wonder how to eat it or where to start. “Decade over decade we have seen the trends change in patisserie. We believe a company with our history has a purpose to merge contemporary pastry while incorporating the traditional elements of the past” says Joseph.  “Every pastry is researched and experimented with before launched on our menu and we do have failures, but when we have succeeded in creating something new that tastes good… this is what keeps us motivated”

We pride ourselves on only using the best ingredients in all of our products. From real butter, Callebaut Belgium chocolate to fresh fruit picked daily. Our custards, mousses, creams are all made from scratch as a real patisserie should. Our flavourings are as pure as can be using only 100% hazelnut and pistachio to pure vanilla bean. For 50 years we have lived by our slogan “quality makes the difference”.


A list of must tries when visiting

Our pastries change seasonally and with over 25 pastries to choose from you might not know where to start! Here is a list of some items you should try when visiting.

  • Cannoli Siciliani. Made with 100% Ontario ricotta and chocolate chip. If your a nut lover try the pistachio cannoli!

  • Zeppole (when in season). “Fried” not baked is the only way to eat a zeppole. Freshly fried choux pastry filled with our unique custard and amarena cherry.

  • Indian summer (When in season). Three layers of Walnut sponge, maple syrup mousse and dark chocolate ganache.

  • Raspberry Lemon Curd. Three layers of cheese sponge, Lemon Curd cream and Raspberry puree.

  • Chocolate Caramel Mousse Globes. Dark chocolate mousse with caramel centres.

  • Hazelnut Paris Breast. Caramelized choux pastry filled with hazelnut buttercream